Welcome to Grădina!

Once upon a time there was an emperor, Joseph II of Habsburg - the "good emperor" who, upon his visit to Sibiu in 1773, led to the birth of one of the first neighbourhoods of the city, that nowadays bears its name - Josephine. Victoria Boulevard to the South and Crişana Street to the North, border the garden that was meant to be a special place and, starting with the summer of 2016, due to become meaningful.

At that time, the Good Mood was walking freely through the city without finding its right place. Until, the first day of sunshine in July, in that garden, appeared a great place in looks, in feeling and in taste. In GRADINA, with cuisine, beer and joy, the gates opened and, once landed here, the Good Mood found it fit to stay.

In here time passes differently when you sip from a good beer or a glass of wine with friends, you dine well, and the spoken word transforms into a self-writing story.